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Boat Hacks

We have all found little tricks to make our boats our own. Things that save space, time or money. These tricks could be as simple as a new way to tie a knot or as complex as a completely macgyvered engine. Whatever your preference, here’s a few hacks to keep your boating easy.

  1. Shower caddies with suction cups to hold small objects- things like pens and flashlights can stay easily accessible while out of the way. Just suction the caddies  to a window or a wall wherever you need them.
  2. Use press and seal on wrap on the top of a glass to create a no-spill travel cup- any cup can become a to-go cup with press and seal. Simply cut out a small piece and seal it over the top of your cup. Add a straw and you’re good to go. Check out last week’s blog post for yummy drinks to fill it with!
  3. Use cheap solar lights for your boat- Lighting on boats can be complicated. No one wants to deal with rewiring to add or move lights. By using the small garden solar lights, you save time and money as well as the headache of pulling your boat apart.
  4. Save small condiment packets from fast food places- If you have ever tried to pack your small boat fridge you have endured the struggle of fitting large condiment bottles in your little fridge. Start gathering the small packets from fast food joints and keep a stockpile on your boat. You can have the condiments in a much more economical size.
  5. Store small tools and maintenance items in tackle boxes to keep them organized- It’s always a good idea to have spare parts and tools on board in case of an emergency, but storing them can be annoying. By organizing them in tackle boxes, they are easy to find and easy to store. Tackle boxes can really be used for a variety of things. Look around and see what other small objects could use a new home.

What hacks have you used on your boat?










Image courtesy of www.macgyveronline.com