Food Boats and Eating on the Water

Blog, Uncategorized | July 27th, 2015

Preparing food for boats is sometimes a difficult task. Not only does food safety play an important role in your meal planning, but often times so does cost, difficulty, and the amount of cleanup there may be. Easy meals that can be prepared beforehand or easily prepared on the boat are sometimes the best. Below are several food boat recipes that help food flow straight into your mouth without costing you a chunk of change or creating a catastrophe on board.

Potato Boats

More commonly known as potato skins, potato boats are easily prepared and can be filled with next to anything. Crunchy and delightful, prepare the skins ahead of time or reheat on board. These taste great both warm and cold. Try this hummus recipe in your next potato skin.

Sandwich Boats

Instead of regular, sliced sandwich bread use bread bowls or sandwich rolls for these. Bread boats are merely cut differently than a normal sandwich and are often times less messy. Make your sandwich how you normally would, just don’t cut your bread all the way through. Use these baked egg boats for inspiration of your own.


..are already boats. They carry a large assortment of food and are easy to assemble. Prep your food before hand and have a quick taco bar for easy clean up. If you are entertaining guests, make it a pot luck and have everyone bring something small.

Pepper Boats

Peppers don’t get nearly enough credit. Bell peppers are great filled with casserole like foods such as cheese, dips, and beans. Not only are peppers cheap, but delicious and easy to prepare. Before heading out on the water, cut your peppers in half and deseed them before, and have your stuffing prepped.

Banana Boats

For those in your life with incurable sweet tooths, banana boats are easy and fun. You can add almost anything you want, but most recipes suggest using chocolate chips and marshmallows. Some like to grill them, others add fruits and syrups on top. It is all up to you. There is even an entire section about banana boats on Pinterest.
Don’t let food stand in the way of a fun and relaxing trip on the water. Food boats can be some of the best boat foods out there for a multitude of reasons.

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